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Developing Indo-Pacific Experts


Computer Class

Professional Development

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Cultural Competency

Communicating with Sign Language
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Reading a Newspaper

ASEAN Op-Ed Fellowship

Young Professional will engage in events from Indo-Pacific experts regarding the latest events and trends, and submitting pieces to various forums.

ASEAN Small Business IP Fellowship

Intellectual Property helps an SME to establish enterprise and business identity through branding strategy. IP also protects innovations through patents, utility models and trade secrets. Small business owners will participate in a fellowship hearing from IP Professionals about protecting their business and moving towards digitalization.

Soap Store Owner
Political Conference

ASEAN Policy Program

Participants will engage in series of expert led events and workshops, in addition to publish original policy memo and recommendation on behalf of the US-ASEAN Young Professionals  Association.

ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program

Participants will be involved in a series of workshops geared towards networking, resume building, and introduction to careers in ASEAN relations.

Experts Panel
Analysing data

Education Data Literacy Fellowship

Developing the data-driven education leaders of tomorrow and bridging the existing data literacy gap in Southeast Asia through Open Data and Multicultural learning.

ASEAN Language Courses

Khmer, Thai, Bahasa Malay, Burmese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Lao,  Bahasa Indonesian will be offered throughout the year. Check out the Services section on our website to register.

Sign Language in Classroom
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